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Responding together sucessfully to Horizon 2020 calls

Faculty of Forestry, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia

Why to have the Faculty of Forestry in Zvolen as a partner on a Horizon 2020 project consortium?

The Faculty of Forestry builds on a rich tradition of higher education combined with research into the forest ecosystem in its different types and management goals. It currently has about 740 students in 17 study programmes and 90 Faculty staff.

Our core and niche strengths

Our research orientation focuses on adaptive management of the forest ecosystem, with approaches and tools that facilitate decision-making at forest and landscape levels.

Provision of ecosystem services is at the core of these efforts. Multi-disciplinary studies have mainly been conducted in natural temperate forests of the Carpathians, but the research teams also have field experience in other mountain forest areas in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The Faculty has been a reliable partner in several projects [link] supported by the European Union research framework programmes, including in Horizon 2020.

This website aims at providing a quick overview of the scientific disciplines [link] covered by the Faculty and key research outcomes [link] that aim at addressing the broader societal challenges of low-carbon, resilient future with climate change adaptation and mitigation options, circular economy with efficient use or resources and raw materials, human health and well-being.

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