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Responding together sucessfully to Horizon 2020 calls

Faculty of Forestry, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia

Why to have the Faculty of Forestry in Zvolen as a partner on a Horizon 2020 project consortium?

The Faculty of Forestry in Zvolen is the experts’ link and superb window into the emerging science of 

  • building complex adaptive forests and forest landscapes based on the study of the natural forests of the Carpathians
  • tackling uncertainties and risks of adaptive forest management under global change
  • integrated spatio-temporal decision-making systems coupled with indigenous models and virtual reality
  • ecological limits of vulnerable tree species on continetal and global scale (temperate and boreal zones)
  • analysis and processing the theoretical and practical knowledge of the sphere of felling, hauling and manufacturing Technologies, forestry mechanisation, ergonomics and work safety, complex biomass utilization
  • research into structure and ongoing processes in the Slovak primeval forests, development, verification and optimization of silvicultural models in the forest with various funktions respecting the changing climate, research into form and growth changeability of rare tree species

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