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Forest disturbance ecology

Key research focus is the evaluation of the resilience potential of forests influenced by natural and anthropogenic stressors in the mountain conditions, with the aim of innovating methodologies based on latest knowledge in the fields of plant physiology, applied phytopathology, entomology and mycology.

We study:

– Influence of stressors specifically drought and temperature, on physiological processes in forest trees

– Assessment of change in forest ecosystems after natural disturbances including carbon balance, biomass, succession studies and changes in microclimate

– Application of new methods for identification, cultivation, processing and use of wood decaying fungi

An important component is the long-term research and research infrastructures for the monitoring of ecological processes (substances balance – particularly carbon and nitrogen, water and energy) in the Tatra Mountains.


prof. Dr. Jaroslav Kmeť
Dr. Peter Fleischer
Dr. Milan Kodrík
Dr. Pavol Hlaváč
Dr. Martin Pavlík
Dr. Daniel Kurjak


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