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Forest Biodiversity Research Group - ForBio group


Our research is mostly focused on temperate forest ecosystems. Group consists of many cooperating scientists working in various aspects of biodiversity. The widest range of activities is realised within species diversity of vascular plants and their communities, macrofungi, soil microorganisms, terrestric invertebrates, including Millipedes, Opiliones, Diplopods, beetles and ants, aquatic macroinvertebrates, bark beetles (Scolitidae), birds, mammals. The ForBio group covers also the landscape/ecosystem diversity and the genetic diversity of tree species and endangered animals.


Members of the group from the Department of Phytology are specialised on the vascular-plant diversity, ecology, and to genetic diversity of tree and animal species populations of temperate forest ecosystems:

– prof. Ing. Ladislav Paule, PhD., Professor; Population Genetics and Population Ecology 

– prof. Ing. Dušan Gömöry, DrSc., Professor; Population Genetics and Population Ecology

– doc. Ing. Karol Ujházy, PhD., Associate Professor; Vegetation Ecology, Classification & 

– Ing. František Máliš, PhD., Assistant Professor; Vegetation Ecology, Classification & 


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GÖMÖRY, D., COMPS, B., PAULE, L., VON WÜHLISCH, G., 2013: Allozyme and phenotypic variation in beech (Fagus sylvatica L.): are there any links? Plant Biosystems 147: 265–271.

GÖMÖRYOVÁ, E., UJHÁZY, K., MARTINÁK, M.,GÖMÖRY, D. 2013: Soil microbial community response to variation in vegetation and abiotic environment in a temperate old-growth forest. Applied Soil Ecology 68: 10–19.

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