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Forest harvesting, transport and logistics advanced optimization

Renewable resource forest ready to harvest: deep machinery markings in mud and pile of logs.

Department of Forest Harvesting, Logistics and Ameliorations is in basic and applied scientific research focused on developing new Harvesting and Transport Technologies for forest ecosystems management in global changing conditions. Department achieved significant results in developing innovative technological solutions – the recuperative cable yards for timber skidding and technologies in forest establishment and silviculture based on the form of adapters for forestry mechanization, where the Department holds 10 patents and three utility models, including the national award “Ján Bahyľ”.

Department solves the priority issues of small mountain watersheds management including the flood and erosion protection and others activities in the framework of forestry ameliorations and landscape engineering.

Department also conducts the research on complex evaluation of raw wood and biomass for energy use. In the field of forestry ergonomy are created the objective tools for analysis and assessment of specific factors and the impact of particular risks (including health and safety) in Slovakian forestry. Department oriented the research and development activities to solve the problems with accessing the protective forests and forests for special purposes with the forest road network, while also aims to solve the technical and ecological problems in the projecting and construction of forest roads, water reservoirs and other forest constructions. In scientific activities we emphasize the complex methodology “symbiosis of biological and technical” in forestry.


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