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Forest vertebrates ecology

Vertebrates research is focused on their diversity, richness, habitat requirements, temporal activity and spatial behavior, and trophic preferences.

Temporal activity and spatial behavior including horizontal and vertical migration movements and habitat preferences are specifically studied in large herbivores, mostly deer. This research also concerns the population dynamics of large carnivores in Slovakia, mainly lynx, as well as cross-species interactions between ungulates and their predators.

Research in the field of ornithology focuses on bird assemblages and tests hypotheses about species richness and diversity, density, habitat preferences of bird guilds and small terrestrial mammals along altitudinal gradient in relation to forest management interventions. Furthermore, the influence of altitudinal gradient on diversity and density of bird assemblages in the Western Carpathians are studied, in addition to structures and convergence of bird feed guilds at intercontinental level, habitat associations of forest bird communities, compensatory dynamics and distribution of bird communities in Slovakia and on a global level.


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prof. Dr. Rudolf Kropil
Dr. Peter Lešo
Dr. Martin Korňan
Dr. Jakub Kubala
Dr. Peter Smolko


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Department of Forest Protection and Game Management

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