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Innovations in forestry and the bioeconomy

Innovations are seen as core element and driver of the bioeconomy. It is widely agreed that besides the technological progress, bioeconomy involves economic and policy challenges. Forestry plays an important role in the bioeconomy as forests provide a wide range of ecological, economic, social and cultural services, commonly known as forest ecosystem services. Therefore, forest enterprises have a strong innovation potential to contribute to the bioeconomy.

We offer expertise in interdisciplinary research approaches including innovation research, policy research and business economics. In innovation research, we focus on new “green” products, services and social innovations to support the bioeconomy. We look at how forest enterprises implement innovations and identify supporting and impeding factors to innovation. In policy research, we specialize on how policy supports or hinders innovation activity and the role of actors and their relations. To implement appropriate regulations supporting these initiatives, cross-sectoral interaction and integrated approaches of natural and social sciences are essential. In business economics, our research focuses on an analysis of company (forest enterprise) performance, management and marketing strategies for effective delivery of ecosystem services.


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Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Šálka
Dr. Zuzana Sarvašová
Dr. Daniel Halaj
Dr. Zuzana Dobšinská
Dr. Martina Štěrbová


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