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Plant, soil microorganisms and carbon sequestration in forest ecosystems – links and interactions

Small green sprout of tree growing on an old tree trunk

We study and analyse the interactions between plant communities, belowground microorganisms and soil properties (especially the ability of the soil to sequestrate carbon) in natural forest stands and stands influenced by human activity (different management of forest stands, land use changes) necessary for a realistic assessment of specific potential of forest soils for carbon sequestration, soil and plant  protection, forest management planning and land-use management.

We deal with:

– quantifying the influence of tree stand (spatial and species structure, production and history) on forest understory and soil properties

– determination of the spatial variability of soil characteristics in particular horizons, especially with emphasis on biomass, activity and structure of the functional and genomic groups of soil microbial community as well as on the amount of organic matter in forest soils

– assessment of the functional role of bacterial and fungal communities in organic C regulation (sequestration) and stabilization

– evaluation of the potential role of microbial community in the resilience of ecosystem against environmental and anthropic disturbances (e.g. forest management, land use, climate change)


GÖMÖRYOVÁ, E., UJHÁZY, K., MARTINÁK M., GÖMÖRY, D., 2013: Soil microbial community response to variation in vegetation and abiotic environment in a temperate old-growth forest. Applied Soil Ecology, 68: 10-19.

GÖMÖRYOVÁ, E., STŘELCOVÁ K., ŠKVARENINA J., GÖMÖRY D., 2013: Responses of soil microorganisms and water content in forest floor horizons to environmental factors. European Journal of Soil Biology, 55: 71-76.

PICHLER V., GÖMÖRYOVÁ, E., HOMOLÁK M., PICHLEROVÁ M., SKIERUCHA W., 2013: Coarse woody debris of Fagus sylvatica produced a quantitative organic carbon imprint in an andic soil. Journal of Forest Research, 18: 440-444.


prof. Dr. Ing. Viliam Pichler
doc. Ing. Erika Gömöryová, CSc.
doc. RNDr. Juraj Bebej, CSc.
Ing. Marián Homolák, PhD.
Ing. Richard Gere


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Department of Natural Environment

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