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Risks of forest management and its vulnerability under uncertainty & forest insurance policies

Jan Holecy is the professor of forest economics. In his research, he is deeply engaged in the investigation of specific risk concerning the forest land management including the development of actuarial models for forest insurance against the occurrence of single or cumulative damaging agents.

He has taken part in several both the national and international research projects, e. g. Framework Programme 5 project WARM (Wildland-urban Area Fire Risk Management) No. EVG1-CT-2001-000-44.


BRUNETTE, M., HOLECY, J., SEDLIAK, M., TUCEK, J., HANEWINKEL, M., 2015: An actuarial model of forest insurance against multiple natural hazards in fir (Abies Alba Mill.) stands in Slovakia. Forest Policy and Economics, 55, 46-57.

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