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Risks and vulnerability of forest management under uncertainty & forest insurance policies

The team has long-standing experience in economics research into specific risks associated with forest management. It includes the development of up-to-date models for forest insurance against the occurrence of single or cumulative damaging agents.


BRUNETTE, M., HOLECY, J., SEDLIAK, M., TUCEK, J., HANEWINKEL, M., 2015: An actuarial model of forest insurance against multiple natural hazards in fir (Abies Alba Mill.) stands in Slovakia. Forest Policy and Economics, 55, 46-57.

HOLECY, J., 2016. Value estimation of external ecosystem services of forests in Slovakia from a macroeconomic perspective. Conference Proceedings “Marketing of non-timber forest services”, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, pp. 73-85.

HOLECY, J. and HANEWINKEL, M., 2004. A forest management risk insurance model and its application to coniferous stands in southwest Germany. Forest Policy and Economics, 8(2), 161-174.


prof. Ing. Ján Holécy
Dr. Blanka Giertliová
Dr. Emília Balážová
Dr. Daniel Halaj
Dr. Marek Trenčiansky


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Department of Economics and Management of Forestry

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