Soil-water-plant atmosphere studies

This area of research focuses on processes of water release from ecosystems, and on the importance of water in carbon sequestration.


– water release from ecosystems through transpiration and evaporation, and their quantification with respect to drier climateimportance of water in carbon sequestration and its release from different ecosystems and soil types through the processes of photosynthesis and respiration as part of energy flows in the soil-water-plant-atmosphere system

    identification of most important climate-change related stress factors affecting the uptake, management and release of water from ecosystems in the landscape

    implementation of collected experimental data in process-based growth models for the purpose of verification


STŘELCOVÁ, K., KURJAK, D., LEŠTIANSKA, A., KOVALČÍKOVÁ, D., DITMAROVÁ, Ľ., ŠKVARENINA, J., AHMED, Y. A. R., 2013: Differences in transpiration of Norway spruce drought stressed trees and trees well supplied with water. Biologia. Section Botany. – ISSN 0006-3088. – Vol. 68, no. 6: 1118-1122.

DITMAROVÁ, Ľ., KURJAK, D., PALMROTH, S., KMEŤ, J., STŘELCOVÁ, K., 2010: Physiological responses of Norway spruce (Picea abies) seedlings to drought stress. Tree Physiology 30/2: 205-213.

CENTRITTO, M., TOGNETI, R., LEITGEB, E., STŘELCOVÁ, K., COHEN, S., 2011: Above ground processes – anticipating climate change influences. In: Bredemeier M, Cohen S, Godbold D, Lode E, Pichler V, Schleppi P (eds.): Forest Management and Water Cycle, Ecological studies 212: 31–64.


Dr. Katarína Střelcová
Dr. Jaroslav Vido
Dr. Adriana Leštianska
Dr. Paulína Nalevanková
Dr. Katarína Merganičová
Dr. Peter Fleischer
Dr. Miriam Váľková

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